LMC Marine Electric Drives

One of the most important factors for any boat user, has to be the day-to-day operating costs. Fuel is one of the most costly considerations and, as we all suspect, one that will continue to increase. Along with this is the servicing of the combustion engine and many of its parts that will require replacing over time, again adding to expense.

As YES Engineering, an authorized dealer of LMC, we supply a turnkey solution for your boats, including Motor, Controller, Ignition Switch, Throttle, Display, Batteries, Solar - Wind and Grid Charging units.

Look at the benefits of LMC electric drives and compare for yourself:

  • Very low running costs
  • Option to charge batteries whilst under sail (free energy)
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • No fumes
  • No pollution
  • No smells

LMC has over 20 years' knowledge of design and supplying electric drive systems for a whole range of applications. The running costs of an electric drive system is far lower than the cost of petrol or diesel. A major added benefit is the safety of the low voltage electrical system and, when offered for public use in hire boats, this makes electric drives the sensible choice for the 21st Century.
Below are just some of the Marine drive systems that LMC have supplied over the years. Click on the image to find out more...

Frequently Asked Questions

"Sailing Silence" Article in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology Magazine (October 2013)